Chris and Phils Body Shop is a company dedicated to repairing vehicles to the utmost standards through knowledge, experience, integrity, and technology. Our goal is to be the premiere auto repair facility in Brazoria County through superior service to our people and our community.
From it’s humble beginnings, a shack in Freeport, the owner’s of Chris and Phil’s have grown their business into the premiere Vehicle Collision Center in the Brazosport area. 25 years of superior service to our customers has allowed us to grow into who we are today.

State of the Art:
Our 20,000 square foot facility has been equipped with some of the most advanced equipment in the industry. We have plenty of room for your vehicle. Our high tech computerized paint mixing system makes sure your car looks as good as new. Our computerized alignment system makes sure your car leaves driving straight. In every area we have invested time and money to make sure our equipment meets or exceeds industry standards. This translates into better service for our customers, and superior results in our workmanship.

Highly Skilled:
All of our technicians are ICAR Gold certified (a leading industry standard). Honestly though, certifications aren't everything. That's why our technicians also have years of experience in their respective fields. Experienced, skilled, and certified - our technicians make sure it is done right the first time.

Outstanding Warranty Program:
Because we have adhered to the highest possible industry standards in all aspects of our business we can offer our customers a great warranty program. A non-transferable lifetime warranty on our work and materials comes standard with every job. Contact a CP representative for more information. 

Doing the Job Right:
In the car repair process there are many variables to consider. What will insurance cover? What parts will be used? How much time will it take? And, what's the cost? Whatever the answer to these questions, we want you to know our guiding principals are Service, Quality, and Satisfaction. We make sure that every job meets our standards and reflects our prinicipals. Simply put: We do the job right! 

Direct Repair Programs:
We work with ALL insurance companies. The typical process starts with an adjuster looking at your car, then a back and forth negotion commmences as to what the insurance company can/will cover and what they can't/won't. This process can take days if not weeks, and that is before we even touch your car. 
As an added value to their customers most major insurance companies have setup Direct Repair Programs with CP Body Shop. This streamlines the process getting rid of all the red tape - getting your car back to you as good as new as soon as possible.
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Here is a basic outline of the repair process from the moment you bring us your car.

1. Estimate: This should be pretty obvious, but this is where it all starts. One of our well trained estimators looks over your car and makes an estimate for what it will take to repair your vehicle. This includes parts and prices as well as a rough time line for the repairs.

2. Inspection: Before your vehicle enters our shop it receives a thorough inspection. This inspection includes detailed pictures of the vehicle's state before the work begins. We want to make sure you get your car back the way you gave it to us - with the exception of your repairs, of course.

3. Triage: This is where we take apart the car to prepair it for the repair process. This is also a chance for us to "see what's really going on" with most jobs. Adjustments are made to the estimate as needed.

4. Prep: Prep is short for preparation. This step prepares the vehicle for painting.

5. Paint: This step includes any base coat and clear coat painting. This also includes the time the paint needs to "bake" to complete the painting process.

6. Assembly: Putting it back together. This step is pretty self explanatory.

7. Detail: During this step we buff the area affected by the wreck and wash the vehicle.

8. Final Inspection: Here we go back over the incoming inspection and make sure everything matches how it came in. We also inspect our repair work. If something doesn't meet our standards, we make sure we fix it before the vehicle leaves.

Couple of other steps in the process:

Mechanical: If your car needs an alignment, or any other "under the hood" work, relax. We have dedicated mechanical technicians who can handle any mechanical repair.

Frame: If your frame needs to be straightened, we have the latest technology and the most experienced technicians to fix your frame.

Wrecker Service: If you need your car towed in to our repair center, we've got you covered. Our tow truck will travel up to 200 miles to bring your car to us. And, our rates can't be beat.